Our One-Day Advantage is a signature offering at Kullar College only. We give you a native learning experience through a digital-first environment that emulates on-ground executive education learning in the most optimal way.

  • We have partnered with Harvard Business School and other premier institutions to deliver a high-level curriculum to you in a digitally intuitive way.
  • We have taken the content and turned it into an automated digital experience that can be completed in a single day, giving you the same insights you would gain through an on-ground executive certificate program.
  • This is a full 50 hr curriculum that you can finish in one day because of the way the content is delivered to you
  • We stripped away the non-essentials to give you the most critical information and insights necessary for learning so that you can develop the most critical components of future-forward skills: strategic analytics, innovative teams, and diversity, equity & inclusion.


  • Executive-level leadership training
  • Two to four case studies in each program
  • Section reflections: deep dive into your own leadership ability in a specific domain with targeted questions for introspection, one-on-one sessions, and group discussions.
  • Access to the curriculum for 6 months
  • Built-in Community so you can engage with other learners, and feel connected
  • Networking opportunities to explore new possibilities, ideas, and leverage professional connections.
  • Get your certificate by the end of the day


We took complex content and made it easy to understand and quick to grasp, such as:

  • Micro lessons for easy assimilation and high-level insights of complex subject matters
  • Animated video lectures - great for visual learning
  • AI-driven instruction for a one-on-one learning experience
  • Automated start to finish
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Fully web-based (phone, tablet, laptop, etc)