About Us

We teach aspiring leaders the skills most needed right now to thrive in any field, from leadership behaviors to key insights for strategy, diversity, and innovation.

We serve those who are driven, ambitious, determined, motivated, and inspired to lead the future of work. After ten years of success and growth, our online programs are made for you. We give you the leg up you need to take your career to the next level.

We're an executive education institute committed to equipping present and future leaders in just one day with essential skills to address the most demanding needs of organizations and businesses in a rapidly changing world.

We've partnered with Harvard Business School to bring you a cutting-edge curriculum that includes everything you need:

  • leadership training designed by top experts
  • personal coaching sessions focused specifically around growth
  • a community of learners just like you
  • self-paced learning that's simple, timely, and meaningful

Our one-day advantage gives us a unique advantage over all other programs out there. There is no other learning model like ours on the market. We are a unicorn in this space.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare aspiring leaders with the skills and insights they need to lead companies, teams, and individuals in the future of work and the next generation in the workforce.


We are a team of leaders, professionals, and educators.

We have the content expertise, the leadership training, and the know-how to design and deliver learning that sparks curiosity, builds insight, and creates leaders for life.

We believe that everyone is a leader and our goal is to create more true leaders in the world.

Our Timeline


We accept everyone, exactly as they are, wherever they're at in their journey, and just how they show up.

We give more than we can possibly ever ask for in return, simply because it feels good to give, and giving is living.

We invest in learning, leadership, and growth continuously so that we can bring our best to an ever-changing world.


We have been recognized by top leading organizations, networks, and businesses.




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