Our one-day advantage is a signature offering at Kullar College only. We give you a native learning experience through a digital-first environment that emulates on-ground executive education learning in the most optimal way.

  • We have partnered with Harvard Business School and other premier institutions to deliver a high-level curriculum to you in a digitally intuitive way.
  • We have taken the content and turned it into an automated digital experience that can be completed in a single day, giving you the same insights you would gain through an on-ground executive certificate program.
  • This is a full 50-hour curriculum that you can finish in one day because of the way the content is delivered to you
  • We stripped away the non-essentials to give you the most critical information and insights necessary for learning so that you can develop the most valuable skills for the future of leadership.


  • Executive-level leadership training
  • Two to four case studies in each program
  • Section reflections: deep dive into your own leadership ability in a specific domain with targeted questions for introspection, one-on-one sessions, and group discussions.
  • Access to the curriculum for 6 months
  • Built-in Community so you can engage with other learners, and feel connected
  • Networking opportunities to explore new possibilities, ideas, and leverage professional connections.
  • Get your certificate by the end of the day


We took complex content and made it easy to understand and quick to grasp, such as:

  • Micro lessons for easy assimilation and high-level insights of complex subject matters
  • Animated video lectures - great for visual learning
  • AI-driven instruction for a one-on-one learning experience
  • Automated start to finish
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Fully web-based (phone, tablet, laptop, etc)


$495 for each leadership certificate

$999 for all three - combine all three certificates to get an Executive Certificate in Organizational Leadership in as little as 3 days


Why a one-day advantage?

The one-day advantage is an instructional methodology that gives you a distinguished experience that cannot be had in a longer-term course or program, on-ground or online. It accelerates learning impact through an intense, highly focused environment that shifts your brain into a deeper level of thinking.

What is the benefit of finishing in one day?

The benefit of finishing in one day is that you get into deep learning through intense impact, accelerate the pace of your understanding and sense-making, and leverage your time for concise content mastery. Plus you get your executive certificate right away and can go on to be a true leader immediately.

How can I finish 50 hours of curriculum in one day?

The curriculum is presented in bite-size learning, giving you essential information for mastery. You have access to the associated articles, case studies, and other readings for six months so you can spend more time (and hours) if you'd like to ensure you have learned the content and learning that we present to you in a unique and effective model.

What is the difference?

Learning happens in one single day with our one-day advantage model, where we take complex content and deliver it to you in a way that's easy to understand and quick to grasp, stripping away all of the non-essentials that bombard learning for the sake of filling time instead of instilling mastery.

Who is it for?

The one-day advantage is for individual professionals and leaders who are looking to master new insights and develop their leadership acumen in the most time-effective, cost-effective, meaningful, and digitally supportive way possible so that they can get ahead in their career and company instantly.

What is the curriculum?

We use the most current curriculum from Harvard Business School and other premier institutions, which include targeted articles, TED Talks, discussion questions, and case studies.

Do I have to finish in one day?

You don’t have to finish in one day, but you can. Regardless of how fast you complete the program, you will have access to the curriculum for 6 months.

Will I master the learning in one single day?

Yes, you will because of the way the curriculum is presented to you and the associated activities, assignments, readings, and discussions that go along with it.