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Organizational Leadership

3 Domains | 17 Courses | 8 Case Studies | 52 Classes | 2 Simulations

The Executive Diploma in Organizational Leadership (EDOL) is perfect for those who are interested in moving into more leadership responsibility. You'll learn about data and information, rapid innovation, and diversity and inclusion to help prepare you for the next level in your career and company.

The curriculum for this program gives leaders - both established and aspiring - the insights, awareness, and skills they need to innovate, create culture change, devise effective strategies to target bottom-line growth and understand data effectively, as well as other necessary tools for success.

This executive diploma will set you up as a future-first leader with the know-how to address the most critical challenges organizations face today and how to leverage your people, technical, and informational resources to create dynamic impact and true change for endurance, sustainability, and growth.

Executive Diploma Organizational Leadership

What You Will Learn

The Executive Diploma in Organizational Leadership prepares you with the most advantageous and effective insights for analytics, innovation, and inclusion. You will master three core domains for leadership success:

Data & Strategic Analytics

Learn to lead strategically with data analytics.

  • Design new opportunities for profit and growth
  • Ask the right questions at every stage of development
  • Look at the right data to lead strategic and decisive decisions
  • Create a culture of information analytics and intelligence
  • Make moves based on the information that counts most.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Learn to lead with equity, inclusion, and belonging.

  • Put equity at the forefront of your business
  • Create a sense of belonging for all employees at every level
  • Interrupt bias and remove biased thinking and stereotypes
  • Cultivate equity across race, gender, identity, and opportunity
  • Utilize your position to value all other voices equally

Agile Innovation & Change

Learn to lead with agility at every level in your organization.

  • Simplify complexity into a nimble and flexible mindset
  • Create an environment that welcomes creative and collaborative thinking
  • Address roadblocks before they show up and get in the way
  • Drive small- and large-scale change at rapid speed
  • Navigate the future and change direction with ease

Your Executive Diploma

Get a verifiable digital diploma and badge that you can immediately add to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media profiles.

Organizational Leadership

Meet the Program Team

Dr. Michael Baron

Dr. Michael Baron

Dr. Sheila Smith McKoy

Dr. Sheila Smith McKoy

Dr. Hasnain Rizvi

Dr. Hasnain Rizvi


Earn Your Executive Diploma

In as Little as Three Days and Stand Out


Executive Diploma in Organizational Leadership

Earn your Executive Diploma in Organizational Leadership. This one-of-a-kind program allows you to spend as little as three days to master what’s most relevant for leaders in today's world and gives you an edge over others - that puts you in demand to lead the future of work. Get started now.


What is included in the program?

The Executive Diploma in Organizational Leadership includes three domains with five courses each, two leadership behaviors courses, 8 case studies, 17 TED Talks, and 2 simulations.

How much work is required?

You will complete 32 lessons with quizzes and key takeaways discussions, 12 self-reflections, 15 one-on-one sessions with your instructor, 8 case conversations, and three written articles for publication as part of your capstone projects for each course in the program.

How long is the program?

The program is a 150-hour curriculum that can be done in as little as 3 days because of the way the content is delivered to you.

Will I really be able to finish in three days?

Yes! The program is intensive but can be done in three days if you set aside a full day of learning for each day.

What if I want to take more time?

You have access to the program for six months and can reach out to us if you need more time.

Can I get continuing education/ professional development units?

Yes! You will receive 15 Continuing Education/ Professional Development Units for completing the executive diploma program.

Do I have to be available for any scheduled live or virtual classes?

No! The program is digital-first and in this nature, you get to navigate and control when you're available and when you learn.